Meet the 2024 Compass Tech Summit speakers!

Compass 2024 - Charity Majors
Charity Majors
CTO at honeycomb.io

Charity is the co-founder and CTO of honeycomb.io, which brings modern observability tooling to engineers in the era of distributed systems. She is the co-author of Observability Engineering and Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly), and is devoted to creating a world where every engineer is on call and nobody thinks on call sucks....

Compass 2024 - Nikita Rathi
Nikita Rathi
Senior Engineering Manager at Taxfix

Nikita Rathi is a dog-mum, a wife, a foodie amongst other things, and an engineering manager by day. She has spent her career in the tech industry between Illinois, New York, Dublin and Berlin solving problems, writing code, and managing engineering teams and now is a Senior Engineering Manager at Taxfix, a tax startup in Berlin that reduces the complexity of tax filing and helps save it's users t...

Compass 2024 - Michael Ayoola
Michael Ayoola
Product Director at The New York Times
Compass 2024 - Dennis Nerush
Dennis Nerush
Director of AI Engineering at Elementor
Compass 2024 - Chris Butler
Chris Butler
Staff Product Operations Manager at Github
Compass 2024 - Azul Garza
Azul Garza
CTO & Co-Founder at Nixtla
Compass 2024 - Júlia Bodnár
Júlia Bodnár
VP Data & Privacy at ESL Faceit Group
Compass 2024 - Basak Haznedaroglu
Basak Haznedaroglu
Head of Design at Blockstream
Compass 2024 - Hani Nabeel
Hani Nabeel
Chief Scientist & Data Analytics at iPsychTec

Hani Nabeel is the Chief Behavioural and data Scientist at iPsychTec, a world leading People Analytics and behavioural science company. He is the architect and founder of the award winning and ground-breaking CultureScope behavioural analytics platform for scientifically measuring and embedding organisation’s desired culture using predictive analytics and actionable insights as well as roadmap for...

Compass 2024 - Rasmus Sanko
Rasmus Sanko
Chief Strategy Officer at CHARLIE TANGO
Compass 2024 - Shingai Manjengwa
Shingai Manjengwa
Head of AI Education at ChainML

Shingai Manjengwa is the Head of AI Education at ChainML where she leads AI Solutions Engineering. ChainML is a Toronto and San Francisco-based AI startup specializing in conversational analytics agents with advanced ‘talk to data’ capabilities. Shingai collaborates with clients on every aspect of AI, from an initial concept to a cost-effective and scalable deployment. ChainML has also developed a...

Compass 2024 - Glenn Anderson
Glenn Anderson
Professional Speaker at Glenn Anderson Speaks

Glenn Anderson is a professional public speaker. Glenn helps teams effectively collaborate and communicate. His presentations and webinars combine decades of corporate experience and teaching with his passion for performing improvisational comedy. The result - your audience is energized and equipped to surpass their goals.Glenn knows what it takes to capture attention in the business world. He enj...

Compass 2024 - Debbie McMahon
Debbie McMahon
Product Director at Financial Times
Compass 2024 - Serg Masís
Serg Masís
Lead Data Scientist, Bestselling AI/ML Book Author at Syngenta

Serg Masís has been at the confluence of the internet, application development, and analytics for the last two decades. Currently, he's a Lead Data Scientist at Syngenta, a multinational agribusiness company with a mission to improve global food security. Before that role, he co-founded a search engine startup, incubated by Harvard Innovation Labs, that combined the power of cloud computing and ma...

Compass 2024 - Silja Märdla
Silja Märdla
Senior Analytics Engineer at Bolt

I am head over heals in love with the data world. I have first hand experience with complex data engineering, data modelling and data analytics tasks. On top of that, as a manager, I have been able to build and lead a data analytics and a data engineering team.In my current senior analytics engineering position I make use of that experience to design and promote a sustainable data architecture in ...

Compass 2024 - Linus Lee
Linus Lee
Research Engineer at Notion

Linus is a Research Engineer at Notion AI. He has spent the last few years building and experimenting with new kinds of tools for thought and software interfaces for creation, like a canvas for exploring the latent space of generative models and writing tools where your ideas connect themselves. His current work focuses on rich language model-based productivity tools and applications of mechanisti...

Compass 2024 - Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien
Director of Engineering at Tinder

Chris is a seasoned engineering leader with 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Currently serving as the Director of Engineering at Tinder, he is responsible for ensuring the uptime and scalability of Tinder's cloud-based infrastructure, catering to a global user base numbering in the hundreds of millions.Prior to joining Tinder, Chris held both individual contributor and leadership roles...

Compass 2024 - Crystal Yan
Crystal Yan
Product Manager

Crystal Yan is a product manager and designer focused on designing product experiences that customers love. Currently, Crystal is a product manager for a UX Platform team at Stripe, is a product advisor to startups, and leadership coach to emerging product and design leaders. Previously, she led product and design at Remitly, the United States Digital Service at the White House, and at FiscalNote....

Compass 2024 - Nicci Gowing
Nicci Gowing
Senior Product Manager at Tree-Nation
Compass 2024 - Pontus Wärnestål
Pontus Wärnestål
Deputy Professor in Information Technology at Halmstad University

Pontus Wärnestål (he/him) is an award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher, with 20+ years of work and research experience in User Experience, Service Design, and Human-Centered AI. He is the author of 40+ scientific papers and books, including "Designing AI-Powered Services" which is used by several design and HCI education programs. Pontus currently serves as Deputy...

Compass 2024 - Mirela Mus
Mirela Mus
Founder & CPO at Product People

Founder & CPO of Product People, the premier destination for Product Management services in Europe. With 40 in-house Product Management Consultants, the company runs ~100 client missions per year (parental leave covers, urgent initiatives, advisory, etc.). Mirela personally serves clients ranging from Zalando to Omio and The World Health Organization. Her background is in C...

Compass 2024 - Luke Stringer
Luke Stringer
Tech Principal at AND Digital

Luke first began creating apps for iPhone OS 3 (remember back then?!). He has been building mobile software and leading development teams since 2012. He finds writing code and working with people just as fascinating and rewarding as each other. Luke lives in Sheffield, UK and works for AND Digital as a Tech Principal. When not at work he runs the Leeds Mobile monthly meet-up for people interested ...

Compass 2024 - Dominique Jost
Dominique Jost
Head of Product at Doist
Compass 2024 - Ricardo Sueiras
Ricardo Sueiras
Principal Developer Advocate at AWS

Over 35 years working in the tech industry, including leading open source teams, implementing emerging technology, and heading innovation programmes. He has been working with cloud technologies since 2008.I am passionate about cloud, innovation and open source and is excited about how cloud accelerates and amplifies customers’ ability to innovate....

Compass 2024 - Taylor McCaslin
Taylor McCaslin
Product Lead, AI/ML at GitLab

Taylor McCaslin (he/him) is a multi-disciplinary Investor, Product leader, and LGBTQ+ mentor living in the mountains of Big Sky, Montana, USA. He runs Product Trust Investments, an angel fund focused on impact investing. Taylor also works as a Group Product Manager, serving as the Product Lead for AI/ML at GitLab. He has worked at enterprise-scale, hyper-growth technology companies including: GitL...

Compass 2024 - Amy Raygada
Amy Raygada
Senior Data Solutions and Integration Program Lead at BayWa r.e

Amy specialises in aligning data strategy with corporate vision to drive business growth. Her expertise spans Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, and Data Governance initiatives, where she excels in optimising processes and leading high-performance teams.Amy deeply understands data analytics, leveraging insights for strategic decision-making and ensuring seamless operations in...

Compass 2024 - Kathryn Hymes
Kathryn Hymes
Affiliate at Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF-USA)
Compass 2024 - Daniel S Vacanti
Daniel S Vacanti
Owner at Daniel S. Vacanti, Inc.

Daniel Vacanti is a 25-plus year software industry veteran who has spent most of his career focusing on Lean and Agile practices.  In 2007, he helped to develop the Kanban as a strategy for knowledge work and managed the world’s first project implementation using Kanban that year.  He has been conducting Lean-Agile training, coaching, and consulting ever since. In 2013 he founded Actiona...