Discover the forefront of technology at Compass Tech Summit, where groundbreaking ideas meet practical insights to shape your future in the tech world.


More than a conference...

  • 5-in-1 event

    CraftHub has merged five of its prominent conferences – Stretch, Reinforce, Amuse, Crunch and Impact –  some of which have been around for over ten years – to create Compass Tech Summit, one of the biggest tech events in Central Europe. By bringing them together under the umbrella of Compass Tech Summit, CraftHub offers attendees an unprecedented opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of tech disciplines, all in one dynamic event.

  • Holistic understanding of technology

    The integration of diverse tech conferences represents a holistic understanding of technology. In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, innovation often emerges at the intersection of different disciplines. By bringing five conferences under one roof, specializing in engineering leadership, AI, UX/UI, data, and product management, Compass Tech Summit offers a unique platform for attendees to broaden their horizons beyond their specialized fields.

  • Community

    Attendees are most excited about different areas of tech coming together, sharing ideas and approaches, and working together to find solutions, but most importantly – understanding each other even better. In essence, Compass Tech Summit is more than just a conference; it’s a melting pot of ideas and innovations, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements across the tech spectrum.

  • Build your professional network

    Meet other like-minded people who join Compass Tech Summit to learn about engineering leadership, AI, product management, UX, or data engineering – or all of the above! It is important to attend events where attendees can learn about how to deal with the problem of building the right thing the right way and how to push for finding better solutions, by broadening your horizon outside of your field.

  • Meet leading companies of tech

    Besides meeting the greatest experts, you can make connections with tech industry leading companies who join Compass Tech Summit. Start conversations, meet new people and get in touch with our partners.

  • Recordings

    You might need to refresh your memory later. Thanks to being a hybrid conference, the recordings will be available, and you can get back to them later if you'd like, or watch talks you couldn't attend live. You can choose to join from abroad or come to Budapest in person, the recordings are granted, so you won't miss a thing and can rewatch the talks later.